Two hours of sleep, a 30 minute flight from Gander Newfoundland to St. Johns on Labrador Air and then… a two hour layover. We grabbed a cab and went into town and up Signal Hill. The vista was spectacular. There we were standing on the prow of the continent. Cape Spear, just off to one side, is the easternmost tip of North America. Vancouver was twice as far away as Ireland. This was the place Marconi sat to receive the first wireless message in history. I’m back in the airport using their wireless network. Sleep deprivation is mind altering. It is best to combine it with geographic and historic schizophrenia if you want psychedelic results. The triple Americano guzzled down on Water Street is really helping now.
Last night we played in Grand Falls with Shaye, Gob, Simple Plan, Crush and Bryan Adams. The all day backstage party in the sun with fellow musicians may have taken its toll on our set but it was well worth it.