Where Do I Start?

I came home to a puddle of milk on the counter. No half finished glass of milk goes untipped by the cat. I was the only guy at the check stop to not have to pull over and blow. Wisdom found purchase long ago. Its Saturday night so flashing red & blue cop strobes are certain to light up the off ramp of the Lion’s Gate bridge. Boozing is so full of conundrums and paradoxes. What if there was a wake for someone who died of the drink. What do you do in that situation? Do you roll the denial into the next generation so as not to spoil the quality of the party? Tom Waits, on the Merv Griffin show, put down the paper bagged flask on the table and replied, “I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy”. I bet he doesn’t drink as much anymore. I bet he knew the quote would last longer than his lifestyle. Theatre is everywhere.
I saw Tom Waits play the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver tonight. People had travelled the world over to see it. He has his three voices and his suit fits his intentions so perfectly. Its now way beyond that wonderfull splatter of Howlin’ Wolf, Captain Beefheart and Raymond Chandler. He’s a highly evolved man with creative scruples. Mark my words…you stick by that for 30 years and there will be mania. He’s quietly become bigger than the biggest bands out there. He doesn’t choose each day to announce it. An aquired taste is loved with greater devotion than bags of candy. His fans are in there for the rich oily taste. Savoury sound. Its the texture as much as the taste they like. I don’t know him. I can only guess.
I might get to meet lot of great musicians. Its part of the territory. I sometimes get called up to that league. The triple A slugger knows that every now and then the starter gets the flu. You may high five and pass in the hall once or twice but never know the starter that well. The music itself is supposed to take care of the rest. You can get pretty close on your own terms.
I send that notion out to DB, on his celestial travels, and say thanks for the music, the shows and our shared peers.