Where Did He Go?

I know I know I know. Enough already! Its hard to figure out what’s worth writing down. The “diary form” stuff is just so boring to me. There has been less time for sitting on this stump and musing. All the musing is being recycled and made into songs and/or children with healthy attitudes. A good portion of my musing is lost as waste in a clumsy manufacturing process. Thousands of stray ideas fall to the ground or are expelled into the atmosphere creating serious emotional pollution. Some of these ideas are poisonous and should never be thought of again.
I enjoyed playing some new stuff at the “Bluebird North” in Vancouver this past Monday. I debuted three pieces: “Hurting on the Outside” from the upcoming Northey Valenzuela CD, “Local Bear” and “Everybody Knows the Words” from the yet to be recorded Rob Baker CD. Each song presented its own unique challenge. “Local Bear” is 6 verses and in an open tuning. “Hurting on the Outside” is one that Jesse takes the lead on and it sounds best in an Everly Brothers 2 part harmony fashion. “Everybody Knows the Words”, like “Local Bear”, was a demo in which Rob played guitar while I sang. Learning his parts was good fun. I was getting a little jaded in my attitudes toward the “songwriters in the round” idea. I keep forgetting that, despite a consistent watering down of the concept, those nights are unpredictable and thus inspired.
Simon Kendall performed with almost everyone and even sang and played two songs of his own. This NEVER happens. He released his inner Levon Helm/Randy Newman and it proved quite stirring. The giant has been awoken.