The swift conceptual cut and paste mind of my friend Paul Myers has invented the diary form prose “remix”. He’s taken one of my entries from this journal and cut it into song form. lately he’s been experimenting with combining two songs by two artists into one strangely exotic piece. I mean ,,,using the real tracks. It sounds like when chocolate and peanut butter came together. It must be illegal. I will speak no more of it. This is his “remix” is of my entry on: July 30 2004
Season of heat, Season Of Joy (Paul Myers paraphrases Craig Northey)
Plenty has changed since I last came around
Now I wrestle the big cats of life to the ground.
Life raises hurdles up notch by notch
Clearing them hurts when bar meets your crotch
But this season of heat and fire
and burns and beer.
Will soon give way
to a season of joy
Brain sends faxes pact with fiction
Truth and facts erupt from friction
Christian live in calm compliance
God’s creature comforts drop their science
Where darker thoughts may bloom and dwell
And enter through the fontanelle.
The softest spot is paper thin
Science bores its way back in
And through thoughts gates so boldy go
A flood of what we cannot know
The facts that float so ceaselessly
Like acorns on a murky sea.
Beneath that sea these tidefalls give
The reasons that we choose to live.
But this season of heat and fire
and burns and beer.
Will soon give way
to a season of joy
As this entry takes on magazine form I will ask you please to read this article:
It will explain my feelings as I tried to watch the barest snippets of the republican convention.
There are some new pictures in the “Most Recent Things Gallery” including one of Nigel the Cat in his current elegant shape (see Aug 22, 2004)
I was in Kingston Ontario writing with my friend Rob Baker of the Tragically Hip. I will quietly say that “we are working on something” that may surface some time later. I will also say that it is a lot of fun and very musically rewarding. He is a great musician and I’ve rationalized that its OK to exploit his talents for my personal entertainment.
In other news: Bob Kemmis has just recorded his new song “I Adore You” in London’s famed Abbey Road studios on a mic used many times by John Lennon. I wasn’t there but I wll be mixing it this week. i dont’ know what he’ll do with it. Perhaps he’ll just put it on a chair in front of him in a quiet room and stare at it … smiling for days and days.
The Northey Valenzuala record EXISTS. I have a box of them here! NO! You can’t have them until I sort it all out with MapleMusic and everyone can then have one of their own. Shant be long.