Last Night

Had a blast last night at the Deer Lake Blues & Roots Fest in Burnaby BC. Colin James was closing the show and Rosanne Cash & band were on right before. It was a mucky day of constant rain but it all let up just in time for Rosanne’s set. Nice to see old friends backstage and even more fun to actually get to sit in with Rosanne and her band. Rose & I did “Beautiful Pain” as a duet with John (Leventhal) bringing in his deadly guitar and then I sat in on the rest of the set. Big thanks go to Zev Katz (bass) who called all the changes for me and saved me from clamming up the joint completely.
Colin’s set was a blast as we delved a little more into the “roots” bag and played some stuff we don’t always do. The people under the sea of umbrellas and gumboots in front on us seemed undaunted by the elements and sang along with the program. After being on the road last month it felt good to look out at our families and friends.
I will return to my regular, less “daily events”, form of communication on the next outing. This bulletin brought to you by the afterglow of last night’s musical fun and my lack of disposable time.