Ice tones

I’ve been out here in Kingston taking part in the mixing of the “Strippers Union Local 518” record (Rob Baker’s side project).Mark Vreeken is at the helm and things are sounding “soooo good” (
I was planning to skate outdoors each morning but the temperature has swung from plus 13 to minus 15 and back again … completely wrecking it for me. Its been warm rain, snow, sun and then freezing rain. Robbie and I took a walk out onto Lake Ontario one cold day, just as we neared the shore, his foot went through the ice. My Vancouver heart was beating like a rabbit’s for a few minutes there. He described the sensation as closer to burning than freezing as he sloshed his was back to the house. There are amazing formations of ice as the waves and pressure cracks buckle and grind. We stood out on the dock at 4:30am this morning and listened to the ice groan and release. It sounds like boom cars moving out in the distance with no discernable tune. Subtones and giant eliptical aftershocks. Its as if someone slowed down a macro recording of a waterdroplet hitting the surface of a pond. I want another cold snap tonight.