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Enjoyed a rock n’ roll blast last night as “Odd Mouth Manson” romped through a fast and loose collection of archival Odds material and Wide Mouth Mason hits — me, Doug Elliott, Pat Steward & Shaun Verreault. It was the private “official” opening of Vancouver’s new “Buffalo Club”. The proprieter, Brian Peers, is intending to develop a new live music venue for you music lovers. We wish him the best in his courageous venture.
Not one to wax nostalgic I must say I enjoyed the pure rock outburst. “Radios of Heaven” and Wide Mouth’s “Why” were particular favourites of mine. I really enjoy playing the ones I helped write for Wide Mouth. It seems to complete the cycle for me. Shaun is such a mega guitar talent that its pretty easy to cruise along while he does the stunt work.
Here’s a picture for my day of nostalgia.