Familiar Refrain

Time is tight so I’m using my creative energies to make more music for you folks and some breakfasts and lunches for my kids and animals. If you’ll notice I’m trying harder to hyperlink things so you can do that crazy thing all you people do…what is it? Surf? Everytime I type in code I feel a pocket protector slide ever closer to my shirt pocket. Will I need glasses soon.
If anybody has a REALLY good satellite my pal Jyrki Lumme is doing the colour commentary on Finnish television for the World Cup game against the USA. He has a dry, gray, quick wit in English so I can imagine he’s doubly funny in Finnish. If you can tape a bit for me I’ll trade you something for it.
Speaking of taping and trading…my thanks go out to Guy Tino who sent me recordings of the Odds/Zevon shows in Seattle WA & Boulder CO. I’ve been misty eyed ever since I put them on. Don’t ask me for them because, in the really legal world, they don’t actually exist and I don’t know where to get them. Apparently there are people on this thing called the internet who are fans and they trade these things without asking for money and they love the artists involved? Weird.