Doug Bennett

Dear all,
Instead of extensive reflection on the topic tonight I will just answer the question (the most popular one ), “Who was “DB” in last night’s post?”. The lord of the dangerous wisecrack, Doug Bennett, has passed on.
I can’t say much more. I wrote something after seeing the original band reunite just this past year. I’ll have more to write when I’m not so tired. As a lot of you canadian folks know, Simon Kendall, my dear chum in Sharkskin, was a founding father of Doug & the Slugs. My first real paid gig in the music biz was as a roadie for a band called Brandon Wolf (later Barney Bentall & the Legendary Hearts) on New Years eve 1981 at the holiday Inn Harbourside in Vancouver. They were opening for Doug & the Slugs. I ended up working follow spot for the Slugs just because I was a warm body standing close to the lighting guy when he needed someone. After Barney B, Colin Nairne & Gary Fraser helping my early bands with their demos…John Burton from the Slugs was the next guy to stand up and volunteer as producer (pre-Odds). I guess, with a few gaps, I’ve had a Slug or a Legendary Heart close by ever since.
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