Here’s another review. Its from “chartattack”. I believe it to be positive although I wouldn’t have considered the Odds to be “country-pop wonders”. Closer to “the Wonders” than “country” I’d say. Look out Uncle Kracker.
In one corner is Craig Northey, former vocalist of Vancouver’s harmonizing country-pop wonders The Odds; in the other is Jesse Valenzuela, former guitarist of Tempe, Arizona’s own harmonizing country-pop wonders, The Gin Blossoms. They’re perfectly matched and together, making some fairly standard, blues-drenched adult-pop that would make Uncle Kracker jealous. “Not A Lot Goin’ On,” the theme song for CTV’s Corner Gas, is a power-pop gem, while “Something Good” gets the Hammond organ whirling for a breezy, porch-ready singalong. What they lack in innovation, they make up for with catchy, Everly Brothers-style wholesomeness and solid bar-rock songwriting. Brian Wong