Champagne Over the Bow

Had a fun time in Hamilton, too little sleep and then off to play Canada AM this morning. I hope some of you saw it and that you’ll make an mpeg so I can see it. It always looks different from my angle. Its a joy to play live with Jesse and it would be nice to one day be able to do it more often. The acoustic trio set-up gives us a lot of room to get comfortable.
Cheers to Simon Kendall for debuting with us in Hamilton and holding down the sonic fort on TV. As Billy Ray Cyrus says, “some gave all”. Simon gave that and some piano too. Paul Brennan just walked right in and made himself at home on the kit. Its like wearing your best jeans when you play with your pals. He’s such a great friend for coming out in the 20 below freezing Toronto morning to play. Listen to him on Lindy’s new album “Suspension of Disbelief”.
See a few of you in Ottawa and Toronto I hope.