Big Fish

Season of heat, fires, burns and beer. I’ve flip-flopped from road mode to family mode and had plenty to catch up on. Radio silence may happen as I wrestle the bigger cats to the ground. Life’s hurdles have been a hair too high of late and they’ve come up to meet my crotch the last few times. I predict a season of joy to follow soon.
I seldom use this forum for “arts & entertainment picks and pans” but … Tim Burton’s “Big Fish” came along at the right time for me. Sometimes a movie doesn’t have to be perfect in all dimensions. It just has to fit with your worldview at the right time. If any piece of art or entertainment ever came close to embodying the way I see the world this one would come the closest. Truth is not always based on “the facts”. You can create it. Science is not as comforting as fiction. Go ask the Christians. There is a fontanel, a soft spot on the head. Science pokes it gently and opens the gate for a lot of