I know a few of you…OK …more than a few of you have been urging me to put up more archival stuff on the web…OK…more Odds stuff. That was a while ago for me so it just feels like a waste of time to be working on putting that stuff up on the net when its mostly out there somewhere already. I even found a vintage Odds site. What do you call these types of nooks and crannies in the web? Its a site that must have last been updated in 1996 and its a bit of a trip to flip through it. I really appreciate people leaving these things up on the web because the web then becomes more like a real library. Books are not constantly liquid. There is such charm to pulling something from another time off the shelf and experiencing it just as it would have been experienced when it was issued. If I had my old Performa Mac and a dial-up connection these sites would feel so right. I wish they could make the web smell musty when it hit these sweet spots.