Secondhand brittle drumbeats from overheard ipods. Human smells mingle. Weakening colognes and civilized flatulence move as white noise nozzles recirculate air. Behind all this beige plastic are the wires, hydraulics, braided and coded stainless looms that we don’t want to think about. Elegantly stark. You pay for the elegance of the hotel ballroom. You don’t need to know that the hotel ballroom is ringed by secret concrete corridors filled with a shamble of bus tubs, call sheets, styrofoam peanuts, stacking chairs, food smells, staging areas, flourescent lit rolling metal carts, palettes of condiments and almond scented corrosive cleansers.
This metal tube tries to appear as modern as possible — to inspire confidence through properly articulated technology. The “fasten seat belt” sign comes on with a two note “ding dong”. Tray tables up. Arrival and cross check confirming the time of arrival. Another deep breath.