Northey Valenzuela

Jess Valenzuela and I met when our bands slept on the floor of the same mutual friend’s apartment in LA. It was like “A Hard Days Night” only a lot smellier. Gin Blossoms and Odds would go on to tour together quite a bit after the biz got wise to us and gave us a leg up. Jesse and I swore to one day retire as the CanAmerican Dan Penn and Spooner Oldham cranking out tunes for classic soul singers and chortling around a Wurlitzer. We wrote a whole bunch of songs to start us on that path and, in the end, decide to record them ourselves (with a gang of Odds) in Vancouver. Maybe when all the soul singers finally hear them we can get back to the original plan. Colin James did record “Something Good” and Corner Gas did use “Not a Lot Goin On” for their TV show. That is pretty soulful and good.