Jim McGrath

A wise producer introduced me to Jim and suggested we work together on the “Kids in the Hall: Death Comes to Town” series. I was committed to another series and so was Jim so the collaboration made a lot of…

Brent Belke

Brent and I are old friends through our national sport — we’ve played hockey together for 17 years or so. Both of us were born out of rock n’ roll and gravitated toward film and TV. I was swamped last…

Morag Northey

Well…sometimes you just have to keep it in the family. My sister just happens to have grown up in the same crazy musical household. She’s a true artist and a “mofo” cellist. We live in different cities but the internet…

Terry Townson

Born in Toronto, Barney Bentall grew up in Calgary, moving to Vancouver in 1978 to try his hand at music. He formed the band Brandon Wolf and released two independent discs and one for A&M Records, all recorded at the infamous Little Mountain Sound. A dedicated family man, he faced a struggle to keep writing and performing music while supporting four children.

Steve Hilliam

Born in Tisdale, Saskatchewan, Butt attended Tisdale Unit Composite School. After graduating, Butt briefly attended Ontario’s Sheridan College. Butt returned to live at home. While working as a drywaller he and a friend started a publishing company – Windwolf Graphics.