What I Did On My Summer Vacation

I’m Sorry teacher. There was nothing exciting happening in the traditional sense of the words “exciting happening”. I left the internet alone for a while because it was busy with so many other people and didn’t notice that I left. I did steal a week with the family in our traditional summer spot. I worked, tended the garden of my genetic code and wrote and thought. I thought about things like time and space and faith and death and comedians of the past and arsonists and planets and how dogs think and luck and loyalty and cool old guitars and reinvention and sex and what love does to it and hockey and global warming and why the car keeps breaking and where I will get money from next time and music and death again and how an age old fable about a messiah can make us kill and die and kill ourselves and why animals don’t commit suicide like people do and whether that was why they staged that whole thing about the lemmings to make our behaviour make sense in the natural order and people’s glory days and the glory days of empires and the end of the petroleum years and breaking hearts and the whole concept of closure and virtuosity vs naive energy and “coffee: friend or health risk” and fitting all you want to do into the life you have created and the time you have left and whether that matters and can you care about that and is graffiti art where nobody wants you to put it or is it art at all when its says “ride bikes stoned” and is vandalism then the voice of the people who don’t know what to say but want to seem cool to the person beside them and do vandals ever work alone and does the damage they do create good shadenfreuden for them later or do they get what they want from the act alone and why isn’t there an English word for enjoying the sadness of others because we really enjoy that kind of entertainment over here and you can see it in the People magazine by page 3 when a supermodel is seen picking her nose and still there are no pictures of the Pope on the toilet and how much will the paparazzi get for that one and isnt the idea of a pope a scary one and did they make the Vatican’s doors any higher so he could get through them with that dunce cap and what ever happened to the idea of humiliation through the dunce cap and why do we constantly read books about African animals to toddlers and most of them will never even see a wild one in their lifetime or a choo choo train because they are extinct or almost extinct or a long way away where we are just learning to actually care about the people who live in those places just before we allow them to become extinct and how lucky we all are.
So that’s what I’ve been doing and I think I’ll keep it up because I don’t know how to stop and I don’t know when I started.