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I know I know…I will do something about it soon…but while we’re at it
Hello all you surfers and skippers. We..’ve put up two new ..’unreleased..’ songs on the myspace page. They are cover versions of great songs we loved from our teens in Vancouver. Murray was about 3 years old but the other three of us weren..’t. IN 1979 the Pointed Sticks released a tune called ..’The Real Thing..’ and Craig bought the 7..’ single at Quintessence records on 4th avenue. It changed his molecular structure. He was waiting all this time to pretend he was in the Pointed Sticks. In 1979 fifteen year-old Pat Steward rode a Greyhound bus to Vancouver carrying some of Texada Islands finest and somehow sat in with the Young Canadians in their rehearsal space and then trucked off to their gig with…the Pointed Sticks. That night they played a song called ..’Data Redux..’. Well…to be truthful…nobody can remember if they played that song but Craig later saw them play that song on a local cable access show called ..’Soundproof..’ (you can see that performance on youtube if you search hard enough) and he knew one day he would find Pat Steward, be in a band with him for 12 years, and then finally ask him to do “Data Redux”. Here you have the New Odds trying on these two songs to see how they fit so many years later. God and Dog bless the Pointed Stciks and Art Bergmann and the Young Canadians