Strippers’ Union: Local 518

The “Strippers’ Union” CD will be released in Canada on June 21st (could be as early as the 14th but probably the 21st). Look for it on Universal Music. This CD was recorded in December in Bath Ontario and began as a Rob Baker (the Tragically Hip) solo project. I ended up writing the songs with Rob, one thing led to another and it became a bit of a hip-hop collective featuring Rob, myself, Doug Elliott, Pat Steward, Simon Kendall, Paul Langlois, Johnny Fay, Gord Sinclair and some horns for extra spice. We’re pretty excited about how it turned out and we aim to get out there and make the rock roll. Watch the site for some images, news and stories as the whole thing unfolds.
Song of the day: “Too Much Water” by George Jones. Great lyric, great hollerin’ vocal, great melody, great guitar solo, great steel solo, great swingin’ feel. Makes me happy. Can’t listen to it without feeling like moving. This is the place where country is really rock n’ roll. Its as cool as a Chuck Berry record.