Seems Like Forever

OK I know. I have been busy with home life and writing a record with my pals. I have a lot of pals but I guess these are the original pals. Pat Steward, Doug Elliott and I are almost ready to record an album. We’ve written it together in the old fashioned way and we’re trying to play some low key shows and try the stuff out. Last week we played a benefit at Vancouver’s Media Club and a few of you saw/heard it. I must say that we had a blast. Over way too fast. New material makes the set go faster for the performers and probably slower for the listeners who want to hear the old stuff.
I’ve put up a bunch of new shows. Colin James & I have decided to go and play a bunch of our songs with just two acoustic guitars (Ok…we’re bringing some other guitars too) in smaller theatres around the province. It will give us a chance to write for the album after the album that Colin has out now. Good squirrels salt nuts away this time of year.
What I am listening to right now: Tragically Hip “World Container” over and over and over.