Rock Explosion

That’s what happened to us last night. The right songs. The right venue. The right peeps. I think my head almost popped off with all the fun. That’s what it feels like today anyway. Spirit of the West had the folks jumping after us and it was a great night all around. Dave Ashman happened to come all the way out to Vancouver and see the gig. He’s regularly from the DC/Maryland area. That combination of band members, just the three, really gives us a sense of space. We then rush to fill that space with loud amps and smashing cymbals. No harm in that. Local gigs allow us to drag out the vintage gear that is now too valuable and fragile to take on the road. I wonder if Pat likes it when I stand on the kick drum of his early 60’s Ludwigs and leap off. I wonder if he likes when I kick his old cymbals. I wonder… and then I smile to myself and move on.
Many thanks to House of Blues, Byron Lonneberg, Brian Gibney, Justin Sudds and the Spirit of the West guys for making the “CN Power Trio” ride again.
Set list:
Make You Mad
Not a Lot’ Goin On
Write It In Lightning
Give Up & Go Away
Leaders of the Undersea World
I Can’t Get You Off My Mind
Slow Motion
Someone Who’s Cool