Old Review

I found this today and ejoyed it a lot. Tought I’d share it. It was by a gentleman using the handle “silverjew” and it was a review of the Odds album “Bedbugs”. I tried to write to him but just left a message on the message board of his music rating service. I remembered that as a kid I gave up on Kiss for awhile because I figured they’d sold out. That’s called REALLY missing the context. I also remember hating the Beach Boys and AC/DC for a time because people who liked them also liked to beat up on people like me. I have loved those bands with all my heart ever since escaping the grip of my resentment.
“Pure pop fun and weird humour from Canada’s Odds. Sure, a lot of us hate these minstrels. But I can’t help singing along. To put things in more of a perspective, the first concert I ever went to was performed by the Odds. It was during Red Deer, Alberta, Canada’s annual Westerner Days festival which includes rides and games and concerts by more-or-less local musicians. I remember watching RDTV News when they were recapping the scheduled artists for that years festival and the dude in front of the microphone commented on how he’d never heard of the Odds but his young daughter was really excited about seeing them. The Odds had already released 4 albums at this stage of their career (the second being Bedbugs, which is the first one of their albums I’ve ever heard) and being an impressionable youth I’d already gone through my phases of liking the Odds and then disliking the Odds as their popularity grew (it wasn’t cool to like the same bands that 14-year old girls liked). Going to the Red Deer Centrium to see the Odds play live never crossed my mind until Colin phoned me up a few hours before the show and asked if I wanted to go. He had some free tickets (all the second-deck tickets were free, the first deck tickets were $10 and the floor seats were $20… “why would anyone pay to see a free concert by the Odds,” I though) so the two of us went, maybe to heckle… we weren’t sure yet. I seamed like a lot of the people in our section went to the concert for the same reasons (or lack of reasons) that we did. There was some heckling, some laughing, but over the course of the show we all realised that the Odds were putting on a very very good show with a lot of humour and band-fan interaction and we got to enjoy it all for free. It was at this point that I became a closet Odds fan (so to recap, I went from flagrant Odds fan to vocal Odds opponent to closet Odds fan) that would quietly cheer when one of their songs came on the radio. I lived in this shroud of secrecy until i was in my 20s and re-bought my first Odds album with the intention of letting the world know (years after the Odds broke up, however) that I’m no longer ashamed of enjoying the Odds’ brand of pop rock. To be continued with my review of Good Weird Feeling”