Hounds of the Hockeyvilles

That’s the name of the house band on the CBC TV show “Hockeyville”. The first episode airs tomorrow, Wednesday the 29th of March.
The band for the show is.
Craig Northey – Guitars and musical director
Pat Steward – Drums
Doug Elliott – Bass
Simon Kendall – Hammond Organ/ Piano
Steve Hilliam – Saxophone
Terry Townson – Trumpet
Norm Fisher – Bass for Episode 1
Colin James appears in episode 1 as well
Tune in to CBC Wed. March 29, 2006 at 8:00 pm EST or check your local listings
PS: For those of you collecting 8 bar scraps of the starngest things I’ve composed…set your VCRs and Tivos. Its definitely a “Sharkskin” vibe because the band is Sharkskin with horns. If you wonder why we’re playing poorly..its fucking cold in there.