Hope You’re Enjoying This New Site

Hi everyone. The date of the website launch will be easy to remember. My 50th birthday. I’m not sure why I’ll have to remember the exact date of the launch but frequently I am asked to summon information that I have forgotten. Who chooses what information is important? Why should I know my social insurance number instead of the running order of the German pressing of the Beatles “Revolver”? I would argue that the latter is much more important than my social insurance number but the government doth protest this. Just in case I choose incorrectly in the future I will endeavor to make things land on milestone dates. It’s a decent memory crutch.

We’ll be adding more music and text to these pages as we find the time and resources. There are some thing I have done in the past that have not been put up here and, as I was just mentioning about not knowing what is important, I should probably put all of it up here and let you decide what is worth listening to or looking at.