Good Weird Story

Usually our blogs are fairly abstract but I will be straight with you…I think we may have entered the realm of musical theatre. I guess that is not so straight.
We wrote a “play” of sorts that involves an Odds concert. I would call it a thematic narrative with a multimedia presentation. There isn’t really much dance in it beside improvised rock reaction dancing but there is acting, singing, photography, film and the rest…oh…no ceramic art or puppetry.
I (Craig) took the script to Los Angeles and re-worked it with my friend Bruce McCulloch (with input from Kevin MacDonald et al). Jim Millan (director Kids in the Hall) helped us with the technical presentation side (with input from Dave Foley) and it’s now off and running.
We performed the piece on Vancouver Island last weekend and I must say it was thrilling. The “Good Weird Story” is autobiographical and comic and tragic. Feeling Greek. The reaction was incredible and we look forward to getting this thing to small local theatres near you. It will evolve as we go and we look forward to performing it as many times as we can in the future.
Many thanks go to Mike Renaud and Upper-Management, Ron Logan, Bruce, Kevin, Dave, Scott, Mark, Jim Millan, DKD, Paul Mercs Concerts, Gene Daniel, Norm Hiscock, Cindy Park, Gary Durban, Fred Horsman & AV Strategies, Andre Arsenault, Gary & Wendy Atkinson, Cathrine Irons, Scout, Jesse Valenzuela and family, Sheri Evans, Barbara Eddy, the Eagle, Sun FM, and the Wolf for making the development and debut of this thing possible.
Special mention goes to Dayna Howerchuck and Wendy Blankenship for travelling so far, seeing all the shows and throwing underwear on cue to make it our first “Rocky Horror” moment.