Gassing, Stripping & CMT

Sorry there was no heads up on Doug Elliott & I hosting a segment of CTV’s “E-Talk Daily” the other day. I have received enough politely irate e-mails thank you. We were harrassing people on Parliament Hill wearing green “Corner Gas” trucker hats. Dream gig I know. I’ll try to post some pictures in the next few days.
Thanks to all of you who attended a Corner Gas live show, a Strippers Union show or a CJBand show in the last few weeks. Its been a lot of early morning airplanes and compensatory ales for me. Here’s a great photoLaurel Whyte took at the Victoria Strippers Union show. I think it captures some of the vibe.
I hear a fresh-faced second coming of Lester Bangs at the Queen’s Journal took a nice “do you wear black?” poop on our show in Kingston. That’s always good for a laugh. Just wait til his mom says she likes the new “the Bravery” record too. What will he do when he finds out “Black Rebel Motorcycle Club” like to listen to Led Zeppelin? What will he do when he finds out nobody is inventing the wheel?
It seems that whole evening ended in a riot up on Aberdeen street. I watched the house parties grow and felt scared for the girls who would drink their way into situations that might resemble the darkest reaches of the internet. The whole college party scene has taken on a pretty sick tone and I am upset when it gets to the part where paramedics and police are pelted with bottles and rocks as they come to save someone’s life. It takes a bit of the fun out of “celebrating”. Why are there no fistfights and riots at Burning Man? Isn’t it a place of altered states, jovial anarchy and lusty celebration? Take a page from that book oh frat monsters. Would that be too art school?
Between the Strippers dates and Corner Gas tour I played on a CMT special with Colin that will air this Friday the 7th for an hour. Check local listings.
You can spot my own daughter on Fox’s “Killer Instinct” this Friday at 9pm. Not that I’m proud.