Jesse & I wrote this while we were out on that little tour. I took it from his myspace page. Today is Pat Stewrad’s birthday:
Poughkeepsie,New York
Current mood: accomplished
Hey Everybody,
We just finished this sweet little tour. Craig, Darryl and I are sitting in a Hotel room at 1:30 a.m. after finishing a show at The Chance in Poughkeepsie, N.Y.
As I write, the boys are enraptured by “A Star is Born” I’m talkin’ the Babs Streisand version. The movie was cut in Tempe,Az when I was a kid. And I remember riding my bike with my cousin Jimmy to see them setting up the big concert at Sun Devil Stadium. We never did see Kris Kristofferson or Peter Frampton but we did keep vigil.
Anyways, the tour was great and we had a beautiful reception everywhere we played. I only wish we had another week of shows.
It was fantastic seeing you all at the shows. Keep an eye for some pictures of the tour I will post here on the site.
Craig Northey writes:s
This is our first “co-blog”. I’m amazed it took this long. As Jesse’s hotel room gradually turns into a scene from LA’s Hyatt House (Riot House) circa ’91, we reflect on the composure provided by our collective veteran chops. Tonight we played Pughkeepsie’s legendary “Chance Theatre”. To coax us into enlightenment we were booked between two modern rock volume titans. Armed with two acoustic guitars, “bad uncle” attitudes and relaxed hairdos we chuckled our way to accidental victory. That’s the way the best gigs go. I’m not being ribbed for this loss to Switzerland (dying on the foam rubber sword) but neither of these guys really cares about the Olympics. They only use these things to tease. They are teasers. Pro teasers. ….they tease. We’d like to thank the Rembrandts for being such fine hosts and sympathizers — Phil, Danny, Dave & Jason.
Jesse and I are now starting our 2-man luge training and watch for us in 2010. We’ll be burning up the walls of ice and setting world’s records for the loudest sled.
JESSE WRITES: Our cue music will be “BAD TO THE BONE”
DARRYL writes: Can’t we all just love each other?
CRAIG WRITES: I was hoping for “Lick It Up” by “the KISS”. …is that too, “on the money”?
JESSE WRITES: I think that would be ok. But “Eye of the Tiger” could work too.
DARRYL WRITES: Can’t we all just love each other? (Taking another hit…)
CRAIG writes: (after throwing a beer bottle off the second story window and narrowly missing a squirrel) Darryl…do we have any more peanut butter cups?
You can see why we have to go.
Love, Jesse, Craig and Darry