Cheech Marin & Friends

Hi everybody. One of those interesting cul de sacs of my weird career. I will be performing, with the others in Sharkskin (no Pat Steward but the great Shawn Soucy on drums), as part of Cheech Marin’s band for his performance in Vancouver tomorrow night.
It’s billed as “Cheech Marin & Friends” and Cheech will be hosting 5 Mexican American comics. In there we will perform 5 of his greatest hits from his days with West Vancouver’s own Tommy Chong (Tommy won’t be there).
You’re probably thinking what I’m thinking. YES!! I GET TO PLAY THE GUITAR PART FOR “EARACHE MY EYE” WITH THE MAN HIMSELF!!!
…I am very excited. “The Wedding Album” is practically committed to memory already. hey…I grew up in Port Moody in the 70’s. Hope somebody bootlegs this performance. One of you better sneak in the tape recorder.
River Rock Show Theatre, Richmond, BC
Sat, Jul 29, 2006 08:00 PM