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MapleCore and Kim Cooke hook up to launch Pheromone Recordings with the release of The New Odds’ Cheerleader
February 27, 2008
MapleCore President/CEO Grant Dexter and former MapleMusic Recordings General Manager Kim Cooke today announced the launch of Pheromone Recordings, a joint venture that will bring Kim’s musical selects to market using the resources of the Maplecore team, including promotion, publicity and marketing. Distribution will be handled by Maplecore’s Fontana North Distribution.
Kim: “My time as Maple’s GM was a tremendous experience and it’s great to maintain the association with my old friends who are a fantastic crew to work with. Onward into the brave new world that is the contemporary music business!”
Grant: “I’m thrilled to be continuing my musical relationship with the Cooker. We worked closely together at Maple, signing and nurturing some of Canada’s great artists, and I know that he’ll do the same at Pheromone.”
Kim again: “Craig Northey, Pat Steward and Doug Elliott are three of the finest musicians I have ever had the pleasure to know personally and work with professionally. With newcomer Murray Atkinson The New Odds have picked up where they left off. Cheerleader is a bracing power pop record full of stellar playing, whip – smart lyrics and the proverbial tackle box full of hooks. I’m honored for it to be the first Pheromone release. First single ‘My Happy Place’ drops in mid-March, and Cheerleader streets Tuesday May 20.”
The New Odds are managed by Parkside Mike Renaud’s Upper Management and booked by RAs Jeff Craib and Rob Wright for S.L. Feldman & Associates.
Listen to some New Odds music here:
What’s a Pheromone?? Wikipedia says:
“From the Greek pherin, to transport, and hormon, to stimulate. A chemical that triggers a natural behavioral response in another member of the same species.”
For further information re: Pheromone Recordings contact Kim Cooke at
(416) 961