I’m Craig Northey. Dog of Thunder Music is my company name. Where’d I get it? My childhood dog’s name was Thor and the name is a tribute to the power of his free spirit. He was a good companion who could feel what you were feeling but he was sometimes a bad dog who just did what felt right. That is where the music comes from. It’s somewhere deep down in there where nothing makes logical sense but makes complete emotional sense. You just run with it.

Me? Most notably I am a member of Canadian power pop purveyors “Odds”. The Wikipedia version of our story is fairly accurate. A little known “rock credibility destroying” fact is that I actually finished a degree in Communications at Simon Fraser University. Mom was hoping I’d have that to fall back on but I’m still having fun repeatedly falling back on music. My mom is a professional violinist. Her advice always seemed ironic.

I looked for the strangest stuff on the peripheries of my parents massive, mainly classical, album collection. The stuff that painted the most interesting pictures was my favourite stuff — The Guitars of Africa, Khachaturian, Greig, Orbison, Otis, and the Beatles.

While drifting off to the radio each night I’d enter that state of half sleep where music turns to shapes and colours. I’d wake up and watch Abbott and Costello on TV. Daycare didn’t exist so I spent the day running around behind the tympani at mom’s orchestra rehearsals. At age six I took after her and took up the violin. To hone showmanship I held a tennis racket “guitar” and mimed CCR tunes in the mirror. It all accelerated into one glorious blur. Music made pictures. The pictures in my head all came with music. Television, going to the movies, listening to records, playing music, traveling… by the 90’s it had all merged into one madly undefined skill set.

My friend’s in the comedy troupe “Kids in the Hall” understood me better than I did and connected all the dots. They gave me my start composing music for film and TV.

Now I’m doing it all as often as I can. After a few wilderness years writing songs with or for others we came back again to thrive as “Odds”.

Along the way I have collected many stalwart and creative collaborators. These crack musicians, arrangers and orchestrators cover all aspects of the formal, electronic, roots and pop music realms. Together we are “Dog of Thunder Music” and we are here to make interesting music for interesting things.